The Great Banquet - June 11, 2017

June 13, 2017

In his previous teaching, Jesus told you to make every effort to enter the narrow door, and, as Andrew Schey points out, this teaching of Jesus from Luke 14:1-24 is one of many teachings found in this gospel, which provides an application for what making every effort looks like in a real-life context. At yet another meal with the Pharisees, Jesus confronts their selfish priorities, as nothing is more important than compassion for the suffering of even one person. Using a parable, Jesus teaches that everyone should let go of their self-obsession and, like God, be concerned with attending to and caring for those in humble and lowly walks of life without any expectation of a return, as all are equal in God's Kingdom. God does what He is asking for - do you? Or are you stuck in the prison of self-obsession?


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